Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ephemeral Art

Um, so last night I was at the opening of Brian Gothong Tan's latest installation, "Signs, Omens and Relics of Faith". I wasn't drinking the wine, I was only high on Doritos and grapes and doughnut holes from the reception and my own natural effusiveness.

Anyhow, while attempting to highlight to Jason Wee the possibility of doing interactive performance art on the site, I ended up playing Godzilla over the porcelain city diorama and... well, I broke a fluorescent light tube.

I'm feeling guilty enough about this that I feel I've gotta advertise the exhibit.

"Signs, Omens and Relics of Faith"
25 January - 4 February
(12-8pm Tue-Wed, 12-6pm Sun)
72-13 Mohammed Sultan Rd
Free Admission

Luckily Brian was awfully jovial about the whole incident and says it's replaceable. He also says the video we made based on my "Virgo" poem is earning him mucho views on Youtube. Warning: features nudity. I'm really getting into the skin of Annabel Chong.

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