Monday, September 18, 2006

Texts I Have Read mid-August to mid-September

Cyril Wong's "Like a Seed with its Singular Purpose"

Ovidia Yu's "Miss Moorthy Investigates"
H.G. Wells's "The War of the Worlds"
Astrid Lindgren's "Pippi Longstocking"

Robert Mayer's "How to Win Any Argument (Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool or Coming to Blows"
Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle's "Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat"
Nestor Capoeira's "The Little Capoeira Book"

*Graphic Texts*
Diane DiMassa's "Hothead Paisan: Homosexual Lesbian Terrorist"
YKON's "M8"

"Keeping Mum"
"High School Musical"
Ming Wong's showreel, including "Four Malay Movies", "Whodunnit" and "Homofonia"
Lynn Lu's showreel, including "Smack/Smooch" and "Walk a Mile"
Jim Henson's "The Storyteller" DVD
Gough Lewis's "Sex: The Annabel Chong Story"

P-10 & NTU School of Art Design & Media's "The Ultimate Commodity"

I know, I know... that's measly. On the other hand, within the space of 2 1/2 weeks during this period, I did publish two works: "last boy" and "SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century". And I had my capoeira baptism. And I memorised the works in the Singapore Biennale as a tour guide. And I appeared in the newspaper five or six times. And endured a minor blog scandal. And now I'm now working on two plays...

I'll be a star reader in another lifetime. Phew!


Eirin AI said...

sorry to intrude into ur personal blog, but it's very different from what i normally see with lots of ppl. i used to have a blog where i write political, social stuff, but i shut it down cos i have no time to write.
ur blogs describe ur personal life with lots of professionalism. very interesting. :)
hope u write more.


PS: what's lastboy abt? poems? cant seems to find it anywhere. maybe i missed it...

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Dear Lester,

Yeah, "last boy" is a book of poems. I'll tell you when the book is launched - in the meantime, it's available at Kino.

The truth is, I spend my days bitching about politics and social stuff and then I get paid to cover arts stuff with By the time I get round to my personal blog, all I wanna do is write about myself.