Thursday, September 21, 2006

The batizado workshop!

This was held in Victoria School auditorium, all the way in f*&%$#ing Siglap!!! (My theory for why it's called a baptism involves how drenched you are in sweat later.)

After busting our asses, we rehydrated...

...and engaged in frolicksome deshabille.

Mestre Val Boa Morte from Australia (the shirtless guy) professed that he had 6 kids to support, so I of course bought a $30 T-shirt which I can never wear because it's got his school name printed on the front. Also pictured are Instructor Fantasma from the Philippines (tattoo and singlet), our club president Xodo (girl with short hair), Lily (holding tank top), and our own Mestre Ousado (top of head visible over tank top).

Us with Mestre Val. Shite, I look nancy with the elbow. Baiana explained that my "Pata de Gato" (Cat paw) name is because when I ginga my wrists flap like a Maneki Neko. Luckily Farhan's stealing the show with a facial expression that embodies "bizarre".

Sa capoeira anyway!
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Eng Wen / Cegonha said...

Actually, his full name is Mestre Val Boa Morte, not 'Vao'. Just thought you might like to know.

And by the way, congrats, Pata!

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

I'll correct that!

jatai said...

Yisheng! you displayed to the world a horribly unglamorous pic of me with my hair down and all sweaty! I'm going to kick your butt this weekend!