Monday, May 15, 2006

Texts I Have Been Witness to This Month

Much fewer, 'cos I've been working full-time.

Yong Shu Hoong's "Frottage"
Felix Cheong's "Broken by the Rain"
Edna St Vincent Millay's "Evanescence and Other Poems"

Colin Cheong's "The Stolen Child”
Michael Hollinghurst's "The Swimming Pool Library"
Rita Mae Brown's "Rubyfruit Jungle"
Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Never Let Me Go”

Terry Johnson's "Hysteria"
Paul Rae and Kaylene Tan’s “Duets1”

Ng King Kang’s “The Rainbow Connection”

*Graphic Texts*
"The Offnung Symphony Orchestra"
Michael Lee Hong Hwee's "When A Body Meets A Building"

The Substation’s “Future of the Imagination”
Tokidoki-Jido's "Lightology"
W!ld Rice's "The Magic Fundoshi"
The Finger Players' "Furthest South, Deepest North"
Spell #7's "Duets 2"
Indian Ink's "The Candlestickmaker"
Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Aspects of Love"
"Burn the Floor"
Cake Theatre's "Queen Ping"
Ramesh Meyyappan and Lars Otterstedt's "The Art of War"

"If You Were Me” (A Korean animation anthology)
"50 Ways of Saying Fabulous"
Lars von Trier's "Manderlay"
Amir Muhammad's "The Last Communist"
“The Book of the Dead"
Simon Chung's "Innocent"
Kelvin Tong's "Love Story"
"Formula 17"


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