Monday, May 22, 2006


Trying to decide which of these covers I should use for my poetry book. Brian's, or Enoch's? Please do give input!

Pros of Brian's: concrete, visually arresting.
Cons: might scare off the poetry loving straights.

Pros of Enoch's: will cost less, puts it in visual thematic of the rest of his titles.
Cons: I'm not crazy about abstraction.

Do comment!


footix24 said...

would certainly prefer the top/former one.
please do give details for your poetry book!

ruberella said...

is it because i'm a poetry loving straight that i dig the rather indie-looking worn-down nezha feet? or am i just biased based on the cover you used to have? brian's cover is definitely more eye-catching though, my Q is whether you think it fits the theme as well as enoch's?