Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well, yesterday was a rather interesting day:

1. At 5 am I finished a short school play about the founding of Singapore from the perspective of the orang laut, named "Founders".

2. At 6pm after working out I met Jason and his adopted son Owen, ostensibly to review edits of my manuscript; Jason told me it was impossible because Owen had tampered with his other adoptive father's alarm clock making him miss his flight to Bahrain, so I ended up carrying Owen all over the place and reading dinosaur books to him and singing the Numa Numa song together with dance actions and having him explain deconstruction and pacifism to me (Owen is 4 years old, btw).

3. My brother called me in the evening, to tell me he'd got into the University of Virginia.

4. I had deep-fried Mars bars with chocolate ice cream at Far East Plaza.

5. I met up with three of my old JC friends (a bi guy, a straight guy and straight girl) and we talked about the best and worst sexual experiences we'd ever had in our lives.

Pretty intense. Oh, and I installed AIM and googletalk on my brother's computer, cos it won't work on mine.

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