Friday, March 10, 2006

more of the cousinettes!

They were mega-munchie monsters, these girls. Needed to stop for their snacks before we got to South Asian artefacts. Conversations tended to go like this:

YS: This statue is over 1,500 years old.

Shanice: Don't bluff! (puts sweaty hands all over potentially corroded statue)

YS: Yaaaaak!!!!

But after seeing the Arabic calligraphy, little Shanice actually got a yen for Chinese painting, which they were demonstrating downstairs. The fascist vertical-transmission schoolgirl instructors told them they had to copy extant model paintings of lotuses and lilies, and even guided their hands in the case of 6 year-old Shermaine.
However, as may be seen if you look closer, the little girls took the initiative to start drawing hearts and stars on their paintings, which was not a fundamental motif of the Wu Tao-Suan school of painting. Superflat 4eva!!! Posted by Picasa

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