Sunday, October 09, 2005

a passage to england: photo edition

Images from around London! Such as a fridge cake, composed of cocoa powder, raisins, almond flakes and butter melted and reconstituted for elegant consumption at the Tower of London teashop!

Also, fetching young lads and lasses from the Waterloo gay youth counselling group!

My second meal in London. Leftover salmon and fried rice in Simon Jackson's pantry. The salmon required a healthy slosh of soy sauce to render it edible.

Two drunken lads showing off their wares on the Millennium bridge, much to the Waterloo gay youth group's approval.

The curtain call after an extremely good (and funny!) Measure for Measure at the Globe Theatre (yes, that's a man in a dress)

Skanky clubbers at Popstarz. The man was Australian and grew up in between the surf and the cattle farm, which was a glorious life for a boy until you're 15 and you're dying for the fabulous lure of the city. He does video, with a special interest in movie trailer design. The girl's a dance student, with a particularly unreceived tipsy proletariat brogue. Neither of them seemed to be gay; certainly the man was fierce enough, but they were tonguing. Blugh.

Indian restaurant. Chicken norjahani with lovely coriander bhasmati.

This is London. Au revoir, hail and farewell.

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