Thursday, July 21, 2005

after photography class

I seem to be going to the old national library area every day. see show lah, see museum lah, towel club lah, library@esplanade lah...

Thursdays it's always my photography class. can't say i'm crazy about my teacher, but at least i'm taking photos.

and i like the place. it's where my old primary school was u know? ACPS. And all those fun days reading alphabet book at the library and getting cutouts of little boy dolls at MPH and then getting ice kacang at the hawker centre before it became S-11 (I actually hated ice kacang. who the hell would put beans in a dessert? peanuts don't count).

Raffles City used to be major cruise central, anyway, so it's important to my culture. Back in the day there were also a bunch of transsexuals who bummed around SJI, so the statue of the friar guiding the way for the little boy with outstretched finger (still visible at SAM) is reputedly saying: See? If you don't study, that's what you'll become.

Back then, kids couldn't major in queer theory. Heheh.

Lucky me to be born when I was.

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