Wednesday, August 01, 2012

July texts!

+Sunthorn Phu’s “The Story of Phra Abhai Mani”
=Bernice Chauly’s “The Book of Sins”
=A. Samad Said’s “Ballad of the Lost Map”

=“Malaysian Tales: Retold & Remixed” edited by Daphne Lee
+Donald Barthelme’s “Some of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby”

=Goh Boon Teck’s “Purple”

+Richard Dowden’s “Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles”

=Alison Bechdel’s “Are You My Mother?”

+Eric Darnell's “Madagascar 3”
+MacGillivray Freeman's “Arabia”

=Teater Ekamatra's “Bleeding Grace”
+The Theatre Practice's “Lao Jiu: The Musical”
=Cake Theatre's “Si Ti Kay”
Buds Youth Theatre's “The Coffin Is Still Too Big for the Hole”
Amrita Arts' “Para-Human”
+The Common Folk's “Paper Men”
+Deborah Emmanuel and Lee Jing Yan's “The City of Letting Go”
+W!ld Rice's “La Cage aux Folles”

+Singapore Art Museum's  "Not Against Interpretation: Re-staging Jason Lim & Vincent Leow’s A Flog of Birdies in the 21st Century"

+Justin Lee's "The Paper Ball"
+Jendela Art Space's "Our Places, Our Stories"
+Peranakan Museum's “Emily of Emerald Hill: Singapore Identity on Stage”

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