Sunday, February 05, 2012

Books November and December 2011

I know I've been horribly behind on updating this blog. I'm not really sure what to do about it, really... It's the age of Facebook and Twitter, but having a regular site like this helps me document what I've covered in my life.

Anyway, here's what I watched and saw at the end of last year. January will be up, maybe tomorrow.

+Alvin Pang's "What Gives Us Our Names"

+Victor Pelevin’s “Omon Ra”

=Verena Tay’s “In the Company of Heroes”

+Christiane Bird’s “The Sultan’s Shadow”
=Melanie Chew’s “The Presidential Notes 1: Yusof bin Ishak”

+Seema Mohanty's “The Book of Kali”
“The Quran”

+Olivier Megaton's “Colombiana”
Most of =Tate Taylor's “The Help”
=Milan Luthria's “The Dirty Picture”
+James Bobin's “The Muppets”

LaSalle’s +“Loveplay” and “Hamlet”
+The Necessary Stage's “Gemuk Girls”
TheatreWorks's =“Dust: A Recollection”
+W!ld Rice’s “Aladdin”

=Tania de Rozario’s “A Language of Longing”
=“The Elephant Parade”
+Kiran Nadar Museum of Art's permanent collection
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi's +" the seeds of time" and ="Company Paintings"
+Indian War Memorial Museum's permanent collection
=Red Fort Archaeological Museum
+Central Sikh Museum

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