Sunday, October 02, 2011

Texts September 2011

Did I really not watch any films last month?

*UPDATE: Oh yes I did!

+Okot p’Bitek ”Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol”
=Marc Daniel Nair’s “Chai”

+“Teleny, or the Reverse of the Medal” by Anonymous
+Ngugi wa’Thiongo’s “Devil on the Cross”

+Yasmina Reza’s “The God of Carnage”

+Paul Rusesabagina’s “An Ordinary Man”
=Khoo Salma Nasution’s “Sun Yat Sen in Penang”
=Stella Dong’s “Sun Yat-Sen: The Man Who Changed China”

+Troy Chin’s “The Resident Tourist (Part 5)”
+Alan Moore’s “Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”

+The Finger Players’ “To Whom It May Concern”
+TheatreWorks’s “Serunding”, “The First Emperor’s Last Days” (staged reading) and “Fear of Writing”
=Lau Ming Hang’s “Am I Crying”
STAGES’s “On This Emerald Hill”
Teater Ekamatra’s “The Gunpowder Trail”
LaSalle’s +“Kaspar” and =“Working”

+James Lee's "Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak"

+Bruce Quek’s “The Hall of Mirrors”
=Kian-Peng Ong’s “Within 140 Characters”
=Substation’s “Rahim: womb [wu:m]”


Belletje said...

Wow! Can't believe I stumbled upon your blog?! We went to Quarry Bay together in Hong Kong! And I just posted about it a few days ago. Life's coincidences are funny. How have you been?

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

To tell the truth, I've been more surprised I haven't been able to track down more of my Quarry Bay friends! You can find me easily on Facebook: "Ng Yi-Sheng". Just add a note about who you are.

I've been well. Am a freelance writer and artist's model; also teaching Creative Writing in a university. Yourself?