Monday, June 06, 2011

May 2011 texts

Late I know!

+Kazuko Shirashi’s “Seasons of Sacred Lust”

+Nadine Gordimer’s “Burger’s Daughter”
+Thomas Mofolo’s “Traveller to the East”
+Neshani Andreas’s “The Purple Violet of Oshaantu”
=Bessie Head’s “When Rain Clouds Gather”
+Nozipo Maraire’s “Zenzele: A Letter to My Daughter”

+Aileen Ritchie’s “The Juju Girl”

+Teo Soh Lung’s “Beyond the Blue Gate”
+Sybil Kathigasu’s “No Dram of Mercy”
+James Hall’s “Sangoma: My Odyssey into the African Spirit World”
+Rolf C. Hemke’s “Theater südlich der Sahara: Theatre in Sub-Saharan Africa”
+Mpho 'M'atsepo Nthunya's “Singing Away the Hunger”

+Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”
+Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”

+Cake Theatre’s “Decimal Points: 4.44”
+Arco Renz’s “Crack”
=Boris Charmatz’s “Flip Book”
+Isinha’s “When a Gray Taiwanese Cow Stretched”
=Nature Theatre of Oklahoma’s “Life and Times”
+T.H.E. Company’s “As It Fades”
=Living Dance Studio’s “Memory II: Hunger”
+Teatro de los Sentidos’s “Inhabitants”
+Fantastic Productions’ “The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman”
+Ontroerend Goed’s “Internal”

+Aung Ko's "Village"
+Joo Choon Lin's "Too Big In the Tank"

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