Thursday, December 02, 2010

Texts Nov 2010

+Djuna Barnes’s “The Book of Repulsive Women and Other Poems”
=Mika G. Yamaji’s “86 Benevolent Street”
+Teng Qian Xi’s “They hear salt crystallising"
+Grace Chua’s “The Stamp Collector’s Wife”
W. R. Groman’s “Oasis of the Sea: Sint Maarten Sonnets”

+Daniel Putkowski’s “An Island Away”
+Valerie O. Patterson’s “The Other Side of Blue”
+Amir Muhammad’s “Rojak”
+Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”

+Natalie Hennedige’s “Nothing”
+A. Samad Said’s “T. Pinkie’s Floor”

+Rustom Bharucha’s “Rajasthan: An Oral History: Conversations with Komal Kothari”
+The Oral History Department’s “Vanishing Trades of Singapore”
+Mary Prince’s “The History of Mary Prince”
+Fredrik Haren’s “The Developing World”
+Robert and Melinda Blanchard’s “Live What You Love” and “A Trip to the Beach”

+Ryan Murphy’s “Eat, Pray, Love”
=Shakti Samanta’s “Singapore”
+ Amit Virmani’s “Cowboys in Paradise”
+Robert Schwenke’s “R.E.D.”

=The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s “The Complete History of America”
The Theatre Practice’s “Man to Man”
=LaSalle’s “The Maids”, “Starting Here, Starting Now”, “Journey to Nowhere” and “The Heidi Chronicles”
+Cake Theatre’s “The Scientist”, “OMDM”, “The Performance”
=“The LaMama Experience”

+Cake Theatre’s “The Art of Living in the In-Between”
+8Q SAM’s “Trans-Cool Tokyo”
=Chan Hampe Galleries’s “HIV: Show Me the Love”

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