Wednesday, September 01, 2010

August Texts!

Gah! I'm actually getting a bit tired of my Around the World in 80 Books project. The books are amazing, sure, but I can't keep updating every week.

+Robert Browning’s “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”
+Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “Poetry as Insurgent Art”

+Luís Sepúlveda’s “The Old Man Who Read Love Stories”
=Andrew Grant’s “Singapore Sling Shot”
+Laura Restrepo’s “Delirium”
+John le Carré’s “The Tailor of Panama”
+Miguel Benavides’s “The Children of Mariplata”
=Christine Suchen Lim’s “A Bit of Earth”

=“5 Plays From the Third Stage”
+Jean Tay’s “Everything But the Brain”

+Christopher Caldwell’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe”
+Jin Xing's "Shanghai Tango"

=Rubén Darío’s “Azul”

Boris Boo's “Phua Chu Kang: The Movie”
+Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”
=Muhammad Azhar Mohd. Shukor’s Baju”
=Sherman Ong’s “When the End of Winter Is Almost Spring”
=Sookoon Ang’s “Mosquitoes”
Daniel Hui’s “One Day In June”
+K Rajagopal’s “I Can’t Sleep Tonight”, “The Glare”, “Absence”, “Brother”, “The New World”, “Timeless”
+Eytan Fox’s “Yossi and Jagger”
=Remi Lange’s “Devotee”
+Feng Xiaogang’s “Aftershock”

=Short+Sweet Singapore’s “Gala Finals”
=Toy Factory Theatre’s “December Rains” and “White Soliloquies”
+Amrita Performing Arts’ “Khmeropédies I and II”
=Singapore Repertory Theatre’s “Fried Rice Paradise”
=Jean Tay and Wee Lilin’s “Under the Sun”
=STAGES’ “Chestnuts 3D”
Play Den Productions' "Shopping For Chopin"

=IndigNation’s “Rooftop Access”
=Asian Civilisations Museum’s “Sumatra: Isle of Gold”
=Singapore HeritageFest’s “Diverse Threads, One Humanity”
+National Art Gallery’s “The Story of Yeh Chi Wei”
+Evil Empire’s “Negaraku Boleh”

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