Monday, August 02, 2010

Texts July 2010

Not much reading this month, but I liked almost all of it. Makes up for all the iffy contemporary theatre I watched in Europe. But more on that later.

+Cyril Wong’s “Oneiros”
+Ee Tiang Hong’s “Nearing a Horizon”

+Célestine Hitiura Vaite’s “Frangipani”
+Mario Vargas Llosa’s “The Time of the Hero”

+Pablo Neruda’s “Fulgor y muerte de Joaquín Murieta”
=Jean Tay’s “Boom”

+Molly Crabapple's "Scarlett Takes Manhattan"
+Jessica Amason and Richard Blakeley’s “This Is Why You’re Fat”
+Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos H. Papadimitriou, Alecos Papadatos, and Annie Di Donna’s “Logicomix”
+Yang Liu’s “East Meets West”

+Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon”
+Steve Pink’s “Hot Tub Time Machine”

+Deuten en De Goeij’s “De Schapelaar”
Theatergroep Max’s “Hoera een dochter” and +”Hoera een zoon”
+Thibaud Delpeut’s “Nacht”
=Nanine Linning’s “Dolby”
Orkater Circustheater’s “Ik beloof dat ik onvoorzichtig zal zijn”
=Dave St-Pierre & André Gingras’s “Libido”
=Ivo Dimchev’s “NEXT: Paris”
+Jin Xing Dance Theatre & Chris Haring’s “Lovely Liquid Lounge”
=Bouchra Ouizgen’s “Madame Plaza”
+Willi Dorner’s “Urban Drifting”
Lemi Ponifasio’s “Birds with skymirrors”
+Electric shadows’ “And all the questionmarks started to sing”
John Cale’s “Dyddiau Du – Dark days”
=Ery Mefri’s “Sarikaik – Community”
=Daisuke Miura’s “Yume no shiro - castle of dreams”
the first bit of Beatriz Catani’s “Insomnio – sleeplessness”, until I walked out
+ Handspring Puppet Company’s “Il ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria – The return of Ulysses to his homeland”
=Faifai’s “My name is I love you”
= Rachid Ouramdane’s “Loin...- Far...”
+Singapore Lyric Opera’s “The Magic Flute”

+Museum Folkwang’s “A Star Is Born: Fotografie und Rock seit Elvis” and “The Most Beautiful Museum in the World”
+Julia Stoschek Collection’s “100 Years”
+K21 Ständehaus’s “Intensif-Station”
+Singapore Art Museum’s “Singapore Youth Festival Art and Crafts Exhibition”

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