Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Texts April 2010

Still in New York and unable to upload photos, but in the meantime, I oughta blog about my reading habits - mostly consisting of stuff I picked up from hotels and my dad's Kindle library of copyright-free classics. (The movies were viewed sleepily over Argentinean, Peruvian and Brazilian bus journeys.)

=Aleksandr Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin"

+Alexander McCall Smith's "The Kalahari Typing School For Men"
+Tomas Martinez Eloy's "The Tango Singer"
+GK Chesterton's "The Man Who Was Thursday"
+H. Rider Haggard's "King Solomon's Mines"
+Mark Twain's "Burlesque Autobiography"
+Jules Verne and Michel Verne's "In the Year 2889"
+Jane Austen's "Emma"

+William Shakespeare's "Richard III"

+Hiram Bingham's "Inca Land Explorations in the Highlands of Peru"
+Theodore Roosevelt's "Through the Brazilian Wilderness"

+Colette's "Barks and Purrs"

+Bartlett Sher's "South Pacific"

+Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera's permanent collection
Museo de Arte Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires's +permanent collection and ="Caminos de la vanguardia cubana"
+Museu Afro Brasil's "O deserto não é silente, arte antiga e contemporânea de Libia" and permanent collection
=Museo Lítico de Pukara's permanent collection
+Museo Carlos Dreyer's permanent collection
=Whitney Museum of American Art's "Whitney Biennial 2010"

+most of Bobcat Goldthwait's "World's Greatest Dad"
+Clare Kilner's "American Virgin"
+Joel and Ethan Coen's "Burn After Reading"

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