Friday, April 02, 2010

"Child's Play: Or Why Baby Jesus Looks So Strange", 1-21 April, 3-9pm, Wed-Sun

Yo! Forgot to tell everyone that Alan Oei included me in this exhibition!

The opening's already over, but a series of my poems called "Matriline" is still hanging up there as if it's honest-to-goodness visual art. Go and have a look, since I can't. I also have personally illustrated copies of "last boy" on sale.

Child's Play (or why baby Jesus looks so strange)
Dates: 1 - 31 Apr 2010
Time: 630pm - 930pm
Venue: Evil Empire, 48 Niven Road S228396

Artists: :phunk, Andre Tan, Ang Song Ming, Charlotte Cain, Eudora Rusli, Huang Wei, Kosuke Misawa, Lynn Lu, Rebecca Lim, Tan Wee Lit, Zhao Renhui, Ng Yi-Sheng
Curator: Alan Oei

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