Monday, March 22, 2010

I Do NOT Support the Mandatory Death Penalty

There's a Facebook group. You should join it, provided you agree.

Here's a brief explanation of the cause:

The mandatory death penalty leaves the judge with no discretionary power to consider the mitigating circumstances of a case before sentencing.

This "one size fits all" sentencing flies in the face of human rights.

It's time for Singapore to change.

I.e. this isn't just about the death penalty per se. It's about the fact that a court is pretty much forced to sentence a 19 year-old kid to death even when it looks like an illegal amount of drugs was planted on him so he could serve as an unwitting courier. I'm not making it up. Read about Ikuwuchu Tochi.

Better yet, read my boyfriend Mohan's explanation of the issue, here. He's been helping M. Ravi with the defence on the Yong Vui Kong case.

The group I linked to, by the way, is a photo group, where people are submitting signs of themselves standing against this cause. Mail your photo to them at antimdpphoto AT

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