Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Birthday party pix!

From last Saturday night, at my place.

I love my beautiful friends.

And I love my beautiful cake. My parents provided it - good solid stuff from Lana. We polished the whole thing off in an hour, then I baked a batch of peanut butter cookies which were gone while they were still hot.

My party actually serves two main functions:

1) It's difficult to experience birthday blues when you're worrying about what kind of potato chips and wine to serve to all your guests,

2) I have friends from several different communities (e.g. gay activism, poetry, theatre, sign language class, JC, visual arts, and one lonesome engineer who practises Wing Chun with me), and I think it's awesome when they actually meet one another.

Seriously, I counted about ten different nationalities of guests present in my house: Singaporean, Malaysian, Japanese, Mauritian, Indonesian, Belgian, Indian, American and Ghanaian. NS boys, uni kids, newlyweds, professors, expats, Young Artist Award recipients, veterans, somebodies, not yet somebodies, and don't-give-a-fucks.

Was also going to upload a shot of my severely bruised arm from Wing Chun practice, but maybe that can wait.


Readymade said...

Hey Happy Birthday! Didn't know you started Wing Chun :)

Han & Zan said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Oh the famous Lana chocolate cake---I've enjoyed those!

Best wishes for your new year ahead!
Love, suz