Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sep 2009 texts

Horribly meagre I know, but then, I was writing.

+Mina Loy’s “The Lost Lunar Baedeker”

=Ralph Modder’s “The Curse of the Pontianak”
=Catherine Lim’s “Teardrop Story Woman”

Lim Chor Pee’s “A White Rose At Midnight”

+Bettany Murphy’s “Helen of Troy”

Fly Entertainment’s “The Extraordinary V Conference”
=Singapore Dance Theatre’s “Season of Brilliance”
+Buds Theatre’s “The Shagaround”
LaSalle School of the Arts’ +“The Woman in the Window”, =”You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” and +“Blood Wedding”
=Singapore Repertory Theatre’s “Defending the Caveman”

+NUS Museum's “I, Polunin”
=Erika Tan's "Persistent Visions"

+Kiyoshi Kurosawa's “Tokyo Sonata”
=Kevin Tancharoen's “Fame”

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