Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orlando pix!!!

A few more photographs from our incredibly consumerist summer family gradu-vacation:

3D ride, Disney's Magical Kingdom.

Lion King musical, Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Ride of Tomorrow, Epcot.

Converted trailer, Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Munchkinland, Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Spectromagic show, Main Street USA.

Parents before taking roller coaster, Pioneer Land.

Parents after taking roller coaster, Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Asian-style ice cream stand, Disney's Animal Kingdom

"Chinese" dragon, Epcot.

Lobby, African Wilderness Lodge.

Sleeping Beauty wigs, Magic Kingdom.

Breakfast, Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

It's A Small World Ride, Magic Kingdom

German exposition, Epcot.

Haunted Mansion Ride, Magic Kingdom.

Awesome German toys, Epcot.

Euphemistic prostitute restroom, Main Street USA.

Dinner, African Wilderness Lodge.

Before the Parade, Magic Kingdom.

Teacup Ride, Magic Kingdom.

Backdrop, Disney Hollywood Studios.

Toddler bellydance workshop, Epcot

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