Sunday, July 13, 2008

I marched in the NYC Dyke March!

This was way back on Saturday 28 June, but I've only just uploaded the pix.

Can you believe it? The cops were there to *protect us*, not to break things up! (I'm speaking not just from a Singapore gay activist perspective, but also from a New York anti-war protester perspective.)

It began to rain even while we were waiting outside the Library at Bryant Park.

But we marched on regardless.

Some of us had more baggage than others. :)

These babes were the marshalls. (A guy tried to knock one of them over in his car, but the police went and beat the guy up. Yay for brutality! :P)

I marched with this blind Latina lesbian from Alberquerque. I did the Amelie thing and described all the cool shit that was happening to her.

For example, these guys were outside a cathedral, singing "God is a Lesbian" to the tune of "God Save the Queen". There was a drag queen nun there as well.


I love the fact that lesbians tolerate variant body shapes. (Behind us in the march there were two cute trannykids; one a lanky MTF girl whom I really wouldn't have minded going out with and the other a short, shirtless FTM boi with his girlfriend.)

Surprisingly, sometimes lesbians have the best hairdos. (Or is ze trans here?)

And some cool supporters too!

Nearing Washington Square Park, I met an older woman who was carrying a staff with coloured ribbons. I asked if it was a wand (she could've been a Gaia-earth-Wiccan) but it turned out it was a memorial for her partner who'd died five years ago. She asked not to be photographed.

Ditto for the bare-breasted women. Some things are not to be televised.

Hell yeah.

We collapsed into a small alcove in the park...

...and started dancing...

I love being a dyke tyke. More pictures at my Picasa page.

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