Thursday, February 01, 2007

January texts

I hope the French feminists are happy, 'cos I had to invent a whole new category for them.

+"Li Sao and Other Poems of Qu Yuan"
Paul Celan's "Romanian Poems"

+Yukio Mishima's "The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea"
+R. K. Narayan's "The Abduction of Sita"
+C. S. Lewis's "The Magician's Nephew" [reread]

Marguerite Duras's "Écrire"
+Hélène Cixous's "The Book of Promethea"

+Dario Fo's "The Accidental Death of an Anarchist"
Nicole Quinn and Nina Shengold's "War at Home"
Eng Wee Ling's "Confessions of Three Unmarried Women and Other Selected Plays"
Benny Lim's "Existence"
+Verena Tay's "In the Company of Women"

Richard Appignanesi and Oscar Zarate's "Introducing Freud"
+ Maggie Hyde and Michael McGuinness's "Introducing Jung"
"The Da Vinci Notebooks"
+Hakim Bey's "TAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism"

+Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's "XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits"
+ David Wojnarowicz's "Memories That Smell Like Gasoline"

Buds Youth Theatre's "From Scratch"
+STAGES's "Forbidden Chestnuts: Portrait of a Brokeback Geisha"
+Action Theatre's "Everything But the Brain"
Chinese Theatre Circle and ACJC's "Intrigues at the Qing Court"
Cake Theatre's "Survivor Singapore"

+"Stranger Than Fiction"
Zhang Yimou's "The Curse of the Golden Flower"
+Guillermo del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth"
Larry Charles's "Borat"

*EXHIBITIONS* [new category!]
Brian Gothong Tan's "Omens, Relics and Signs of Faith"
Tang Ling Nah's "Send Me an Angel"
Chen Wen Hsi's "Centennial Exhibition"
Daniel Libeskind's "Reflections and Key Works: 1989-2014"
+National Museum's "Singapore History Gallery"
National Museum's "Maria Theresia: Mother Empress of the Habsburg Empire
Singapore Art Museum's "Art of Our Time Part II" including "Chua Ek Kay and Srihadi Soedarsono"

P.S. I'm a little sour 'cos I thought I could do 20 books this week. Gah. But at least I've also finished my third draft for 251. Phew.

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