Thursday, October 05, 2006

This is by Orkibal:
This is by Phuek. He's made the work out of Trexis toys - they're just back from exhibition in New York and selling at ginormous US$ prices.

These works are by the Killer Gerbil. There were several gerbils in the cage, which KG later allowed to run all over Phuek's exhibit. Pity I didn't whip out my camera; they were beyond cute.

And this is the communal message board.

I don't know art well, but I think these guys are pretty good. So why isn't there Singapore street art in the Biennale? What do street artists have to do to prove that they're more worthy of being represented than a graffiti artist-cum-graphic designer resident in Singapore and from France, for chrissakes?

Go to the exhibition. Also check out the curatorial and residency organising work of the artist Khairuddin Hori at Wunderspaze. I might not be keeping it real, but he is. Posted by Picasa


The Killer Gerbil said...

Thank you for dropping by and thanks for the feature in your blog. Cheers!

Phu! said...

Hey nice to meet you at the opening of our exhibition...also tanxs for the write up at your blog.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Aww thanks. It's people like you who inspire us all.