Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Icelandic dreams

Hans Haraldsson, my crush in Reykjavik just wrote me the following:

"I had a verry strange, verry postmodern dream about you last night. Youretuned to Iceland with members of "your" family (a mother, two sisters andtwo brothers). Your mother was the emperess Cixi (a can´t remeber the new(pinjyng?) spelling form) from "The Last Emperor", your sisters werecaracters from some scene in a movie that took place in a chinatown and yourtwo brothers were a samurai from a Kurusawa film and a biker from a HongKong made action film. I really can't remember the detais of the "plot" buti do remember that you went missing and that there were some Hong Kong stylemass fighting incidents about something.

My interpretation of this dream comes in two parts. A) That i am verry envious of you because you live in the warm, colourfull and divers orient.And (in my imagination, get to buy fresh exotic fruit of street vendours) B)That i have to rase the standart of quality for the south-east asian cinema i watch."

Curious, innit? He's fully aware of the inappropriate exoticisation that's happening in his mind, yet it pervades his unconscious.

As I've mentioned to him, the pine dreams of the palm, and the palm of the pine.

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