Sunday, June 18, 2006

sa capoeira!

I've joined a capoeira class at the Substation!

And look how strange intersections happen in my life!

: hey
dylanstillwood: hi
1:44 AMme: weirdest thing ever
after my capoeira class (the guys did some shirtless extra practice afterwards, slobber)
I went to the AIDS candlelight memorial
1:45 AM and though it's basically the closest thing to mardi gras we've got, it has the backing of the interreligious association
1:46 AM so we sit to hear prayers by a hindu swami, a theravada buddhist father, a methodist minister, a muslim imam, a jain priest, a zoroastrian whatever they call them, a bahai whatever similarly, etc

dylanstillwood: wow
1:47 AM me: oh and the taoist priest had the most fabulous costume ever. he did dancing
anyway, afterwards i'm talking to the rabbi
because singapore has a tiny but rich jewish community
1:48 AM he's this rather good-looking bearded grey-eyed young guy, full beard and black hat and everything
and it turns out he's from sao paolo
we start speaking spanish
and it turns out he's also a capoeirista. he's in a capoeira team in singapore
dylanstillwood: wow, small world
1:49 AM me: it's not the small world that really blows my mind - it seems a bunch of my friends have also done capoeira
(that's really his name)
i mean minus the capoeirista bit
1:50 AM i can't help but imagine this mel brooks scene
of cartwheeling jinga-ing men with the tanakh in hand
dylanstillwood: lol
you have a fertile imagination, my friend
1:51 AM i have to go do some flyering now
me: peace out
dylanstillwood: peace


jabir said...

oh capoeira's really fun! i wish i could pick it up again sometime though.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

there's a capoeira squad at NUS. It's the same guys as run my school... you should join. Especially if you still have your mega-expensive uniform.